The cheese world (First part) – Mallorca a la carta

Talk about cheese is make it of a product that awakens great gastronomic passions; creamy or solid, soft or intense, the cheese, today is not only present at the end of a meal, in the appetizer or among hours, but is has become in a protagonist essential of many dishes of the classic culinary.

Few people are those who resist the good cheese temptation. This product has so many varieties that is practically impossible to mention a food with which don’t combine.

A cheese board is, for long time ago, the Joker of the perfect host for dinners with friends, a perfect alternative, as well as the rich fondue or the creamy risotto. Even the chef Ferran Adria, considered the most influential and top chef of the last twenty years, can resists him to the charms of the cheese, a product that starred a lot of dishes in the emblematic and missed restaurant the Bulli: Bulli: “Won ton de parmesano”, “Aire helado de parmesano con muesli”, “La oveja, el queso y su lana”, “Moshi de gorgonzola”, “Blini de queso Saint Felicien” …

But how you can select and taste a cheese? What factors are that you have to consider for choose one or antother variety of a product considered as an alive element that evolves to reach its optimal point?

In Charcutería Izquierdo we propose you cheeses from small producers, national and international, that control the entire production process, from raw and the optimum time of healing in their facilities, until the product arrives to our shop and, sometimes, we end up tuned process (rub them oil, give them back, etc.) and we always keep a scrupulous preservation process that reaches to the consumer at its point of perfect accuracy.

Also, whenever is possible for us we work with cheeses that have origin denomination (D.O.), because is synonymous of quality, but it’s not impossible for us to work with producers that don’t have it because in some cases there are small producers that they are not registered to any D.O. and, however, they elaborate excellent cheeses.