Gourmet salad with micuit and jamón ibérico


50 g of micuit

50 g of jamón ibérico

2 tomato slices


1 tbsp. of caramelized onions

Green, red and iceberg lettuce

1 tablespoon of toasted pine nuts

Sultanas raisins, cranberries and little raisins.


For the seasoning:

Soy sauce

Soft oil

Salt flakes

White pepper

Reduction of Pedro Ximénez



We will use a mold to accommodate the ingredients. We will introduce the lettuce, caramelized onion, the croutons and the tomato. On the top we will add the ham and the micuit into slices.

We will prepare the seasoning mixing the soya sauce with the oil, the white pepper and the salt. We will add it to the salad. After we will add the raisins, the cranberries and the pine nuts on the top of the salad. Finally we season it with de salt flakes and the Pedro Ximenez and we will remove the mold.