Christmas gourmet recipe: vol-au-vent with mushrooms and Iberian ham


12 small vol-au-vent

250 g of mushrooms

1 tablespoon of flour

500 ml of milk

100 g Iberian ham

Olive oil



Salt and pepper




Season the mushrooms with the garlic, parsley and some drops of soy sauce and sauté them in a pan with two or three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Low the fire and add the flour slowly, stirring to avoid lumps. Incorporate gradually the milk continue stirring. Season it. Cook the béchamel around ten minutes, removing it. Incorporate the Iberian ham in strips and cook the last 5 minutes.

Fill the vol-au-vents with the mushrooms and ham mixture. Decorate them with slices of Iberian ham that you can toast in the oven during some minutes. Even, if you want, you can sprinkle a little bit of gourmet cheese.