Importance of the ham knives

One of the most important factors when it comes to taste a good Iberian ham is the cut, and therefore we must be sure that is done correctly. In our deli, we offer you a cut of Iberian ham with vacuum service, but if you prefer to take the entire piece, we give you some tips to know what is the better knife to cut it.

The quality of the ham it’s important, but if you don’t cut it correctly, the essence of its flavour could be affected by that must consider these three types of knives:

Traditional ham carving knife. A carving knife must be long, narrow, flexible, and correctly sharpened so that it can be adapted to the shape of the ham.

Ham carving knife with alveoli. The form of this carving knife is the same as the previous, but has on the surface with a few small slits that serve for no sticking the ham to the knife during cutting.

In addition to these knives it’s necessary a small, strong and wide knife to clean the piece of exterior fat and crust.

Remember that the knife must be correctly sharpened and that we must properly preserve both the knife and the piece for future cuts.