Prepared dishes

Vegetarian Rice Noodles casserole, millefeuille of foie gras mi-cuit with potato and quince, Artichoke with seafood, white with clams and mushrooms Alulbia, ajoarriero Cod, zucchini stuffed with crab and see, spring onions, stewed tripe, chestnut cream, cream artichokes, asparagus cream, Seafood cream, cream of vegetables, Asturian bean stew, quail eggs with pepper, stewed manestra, pepper […]

Preserved vegetables

Kalamata olives without bone, peeled tomatoes, tomato Cherry Hill, Champiñión whole canned, smoked potatoes with oil, natural Artichokes, Asparagus, Green chillies in olive oil jar round, Habitas Baby oil, craftsman Piquillo Peppers, whole leek natural, ecological natural tomato in olive oil asparagus buds thick, cheese-stuffed olives, dried tomato and anchovies, cut Niscalso olive oil, dried […]

Preserved fish

Cod, Smoked Eel with Saffron of La Mancha, Salon Sausage, Smoked Monkfish Liver, Smoked Octopus Terrine, Norwegian Salmon with candied tuna, anchovies virgin olive oil, 2 legs octopus cooked in its juice,  Red tuna in olive oil, tin of octopus in olive oil, bottle of grilled tuna cooked with cider vinegar…