A small artisan fish and shellfish canning company. Conservas Portomar believe in looking after the ocean, especially on the Galician coast.


If you want to produce a platter with a unique and delicious cheese selection as a main dish or as a cheeseboard after a meal, try adding some Didden chutneys.

Terre Exotique

Terre Exotique invites us to go on an amazing culinary adventure to search for new flavours by pushing boundaries. Endless flavours on an exciting gastronomic journey.


Nomu is not just a brand – it’s a lifestyle. Top quality products that are a real luxury to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

La montaña

La Montaña produces traditionally made dressings, with no preservatives or artificial colours, using fresh fruit. A gourmet treat you won’t be able to resist.

Las Doñas

Marmalade produced for those who appreciate food made with love and dedication. A gourmet product made from fresh seasonal fruit.

Jamones Ja

Ja is the result of condensing what makes the ham a really ham. Guided by experience, their products are characterized by their quality and character.

Jamones La Embajada

With the experience and wisdom of their ancestors, they produce iberian ham in the heart of the Valle de Los Pedroches. Third generation of a family passionate about ham.

Ametlla+ de Mallorca

Ametlla+ make artisan products with no preservatives or artificial colours. These products are healthy, natural and tasty, made with local almonds and other local ingredients.

Casa Sendra

The obsession to achieve perfection and the desire to make an impression that is unique, professional and of quality come together to produce the best sausage in the country.


It’s a sausage that is made a limited production in order to maintain a careful and artisan manufacture.

Riera Ordeix

Family business dedicated to handmade Salchichóns since 1852. They follow an artisan elaboration that culminates in a single product.