Molí de Ger

Molí de Ger cheeses do not contain additives and are made using completely traditional methods. This is the recipe for a delicate and tasty product.

Mas d’Eroles

Más d’Eroles farm produces extraordinary cheeses using traditional methods, where quality begins with the choice of the raw materials.


Caprilac’s products are handcrafted by the master cheesemaker, who gives each cheese a special flavour and texture.

Los Payuelos

The production of Los Payuelos cheese is limited and traditionally made using the milk from their own sheep. It has won national and international awards.

Siete Lobas

They produce cheese from raw milk and personal design in very small quantity. Special and natural ripened cheese in own cave. Vivid and punchy milk.

Los Casareños

Los Casareños focus mainly on the production of raw sheep’s milk to make DO cheese, like ‘Torta del Casar’.

Pago Los Vivales

Cheese with a marked flavour and lingering aftertaste that evolves slowly, subtly and pleasantly. You will always come back for more Pago Los Vivales cheese.

El Bucarito

Milk goat cheese pasteurized and raw. Natural and delicious cheese made with the best products that their land, Rota, in Cadiz, offers.


Campayo Manchego cheese is made at the Finca Cuarto Perea farm, with a meticulous process that produces limited amounts of excellent artisan Manchego cheese.

De Magi

De Magi is cheese alchemy. They perfect the product by means of a bold creation process that is able to produce unique flavours and aromas.

Caseificio Paje

Traditional quality cheeses with Piedmontese milk. They produce genuine cheeses that bring with them the scent of their italian region.


For five generations the Guffanti family has had a passion for making top quality dairy products by expert Italian cheesemakers.