Organic extra virgin olive oil from the Mediterranean island of Majorca. Delicate, full-bodied flavour. More than just oil, it’s a delicacy.

Aceite Savantry

This oil follows the same quality standards both in terms of process and the final product, and keeps the same features as a superior-quality AOVE.

Aceite Treuer

It is recognised as an oil of superior quality obtained directly from arbequin olives using modern techniques to ensure that the oil is as pure as possible.


A leading high-end extra virgin olive oil brand, the nuances of the landscape are the main features in this product. A new olive oil concept.

El Altet

Delicious traditionally-made oil. Their top quality products have a unique aroma, flavour and texture.


Their extra virgin olive oils are produced using the most cutting edge technology.They have very early harvested olives, rich in aromas and complex flavours.


For generations the name VEÁ has been synonymous with top quality extra virgin olive oil.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Catalonia. It’s the first cold-pressed oil made from Arbequina and Picual. Specially made for gourmets.


Exclusive products made following 100-year traditions in the production of Modena vinegar.

La Vecchia Dispensa

La Vecchia Dispensa produce traditional balsamic vinegar using grapes that are picked exclusively in the province of Modena, with no additives or artificial aromas.

Le temps des mets

Les Temps des Mets creates flavours in the form of delicatessen products to suit every taste, like infused oil and vinegar, Provençal specialities, grinders, and much more.

Mediterranean Food

Their products are grown and processed under the rules of its D.O, which protects, warrants and certifies their careful production, processing and packaging.