Ties, Alpine Stars, Macaroni with chilli, Clouds 3 colors, Bears 5 colors, 5 colors Tigatoni, hearts 5 colors, wheels, long tricolor Spaghetti, Noodles with squid ink, beef Bambolotti and vegetables, spinach and basil, Shell Pasta with olives, anchovies peaks, lilies to Salmon Pasta, Pasta dry egg, potato gnocchi, Raviolacci at 6 cheeses, Spaghetti Salmone, Egg, […]


Smoked Rice, fine rice Ribe, Essenza aromatic Indica rice, Rice round Originally, red rice Wild Rice Soup integrated Semi, Bomba rice, rice for risotto with ceps, with 4 cheeses, with asparagus, truffle, with tickets and truffles ..